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Refugee rights

Refugee rights

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Immigrations |

Refugee rights fall under a branch of international law called Refugee law. Employment attorney san francisco protect human rights. Main focus of this law is protection of refugees and their rights. Refugee law has some similarities with humanitarian law and international human rights law, and some even think that these branches of international law should be merged into just one branch, the reality is that refugee law exists and it has rules and regulations which are centered solely on refugees.AI Australia refugee action.

Refugee law is also important in recognition of refugees from people that just want to move from one country to another. There are three basic conventions that mark a person as refugee:

– First, the person is outside of his country, the place where he lives, due to inability to live there. That inability can be caused by many things, but most common cause is the war. When war comes and only thing that is left after it is ruin then people decide to go somewhere else and start from the scratch.

– If a person has fear of persecution ( and that fear is well-founded ) because of their religion, race or number of other things in his country, or community then that person may escape and will be regarded as a refugee

– If a country is unable to offer protection from persecution of a person who is innocent apart from his/her difference in opinion or something else, then that person is considered as refugee.proud2protectenbutton

But there is more to the refugee law than that. Cartagena Declaration nicely stated what refugee actually is. Any person, whose freedom is endangered by a number of things ( including violence in general, aggression from foreign powers, conflicts within the country, violations of human rights ) is considered a refugee.

Any event that has great impact on the public order and the ability of government to implement rule of the law can be ( and in many cases is ) cause for large number of refugees. Syria conflict is a good example. Terrorist faction started the conflict which forced large number of people from their homes. This process was sped up by intervention of other foreign parties.

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Privacy on the border

Privacy on the border

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Immigrations |

If you are traveling to US you should keep in your mind these facts about your privacy on border. This articke provides some useful info about privacy on your digital devices when crossing the US border.

Many world travelers had fond memories of visiting the United States , but also were able to experience some discomfort while crossing the state border . If you on vacation wearing a device that can be password protected , such as a laptop or tablet , we’ll give you a few tips to help you on the easiest way to enter your device and avoid , very often , unpleasant border controls.

illegal_alien_borderIt would be best if you are premeditated in any way to respond to the customs officer when requesting to show the contents of your device. Of course, the safest way is to cooperate and thus remove even the slightest possibility of misunderstanding. However, the Fifth Amendment guarantees you the right to refuse such a request . Only with a court imm_2208472border were forced to show what you are required . You must bear in mind that this attitude affect the customs officials when making a decision of your release across the border. A good way to avoid such inconvenience is to delete all data from memory cards. And then when you cross the border someone from the IT sector may send you the required information later.  If you have some problem los angeles social security disability attorney can help you.

This is very practical in the case of business travel if you do not want your trade secrets and ideas are available to agents.

Devices like cell phones increasingly hold enormous amount of confidental information, including images and mail messages that just a few years ago could have been found only in cameras and notebooks. Often, they contain lists of your buddies and colleagues but also detailed logs that show the exact time of the communication with them. Some cell phones also keep detailed logs of your physical location over time.

Agents are authorised to look through the contents of cameras, whether to try to confute someone’s claim about where they were traveling, in search of sexually explicit photographs, or simply out of curiosity.

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Which is the Procedure when you Lose Your Passport Abroad?

Which is the Procedure when you Lose Your Passport Abroad?

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Immigrations, Passport |

People travel, sometimes on a very long distance, sometimes on short trips to neighboring countries or as tourists on holiday. For each of these trips which include going to another country you need a passport. Foreign passport is your ID card and a document that confirms your identity. Because it would be very unpleasantly to lose it and entails a lot of problems. But, how to solve them? Three words: DO NOT PANIC. Immediately go to the police station and report the loss of travel documents.

POLICEGo to the Police
The first step that you should do is go to the police and report the disappearance of his passport. The police will ask whether the passport was lost or stolen. If you don’t know, be straightforward and mention when you last saw it. At the police station will get further guidance what to do.

Contact the Embassy or the Consulate The second step is to contact your country’s embassy or consulate. Many embassies and the console is in major, major cities. If you are in the other end of the country you will have to go up to the capital.  If you ever be in this position, you can contact e1 visa lawyer las vegas.

Gather the Things You’ll Need at the Embassy

The embassy or consulate in the list will get the necessary documents for the issuance of a new passport. Usually, the temporary passport is available within a few hours of turning in all of your documentation.imagem-conteudo-interno-posts4

Hold On to Your Passport
Now, keep your new passport. Surely you will not let that happen to you again to lose it. This time you have to be careful. Protect yourself by not carrying your passport with you. Instead, use a copy. Losing a passport can be a traumatic experience, so do anything you can to prevent it from happening.

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